Light weight. Heavy performance.

Breathe easy in MWG COMFORT WEAVE™ FR Shirts and Pants

Thermal-regulating FR Shirts

FR protection paired with everyday comfort.

Women's FR Clothing

FR Shirts & Pants built for your comfort

Men's FR Pants

Fire-resistant pants built to perform

Managed FR Clothing Programs

FR Clothing safety programs for your organization. Streamlined ordering process, on-demand reporting, in-house logo and name application, customization & tailoring. Contact us to get started with your FR Clothing corporate uniform program.

High-Visibility Workwear

Be seen. Be safe.

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Developing, designing and manufacturing only the highest quality FR Clothing for professionals across industries. Specializing in technical FR Clothing, MWG Apparel has developed proprietary fabrics purpose built for enhanced safety, comfort and performance.

Durable construction in each and every design to handle the toughest tasks in the harshest environments in all industries.


It's on us.

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  • Safety

    Each and every style is designed with your safety in mind. Third-party tested to ensure compliance with safety standards across industries.

  • Durability

    Our purpose-built proprietary fabrics are designed to withstand and outlast tough work, weather and wear.

  • Comfort

    Comfort is integral to the safety of each design. An uncomfortable garment is an unsafe garment.