Image of two women and two men wearing MWG FR Clothing. Both women are wearing MWG COMFORT WEAVE Women's FR Button Shirts with Women's FR Pants. Men are wearing MWG BLOCKER FR Hoodie and MWG FR Parka. FR Clothing is made with inherent FR fabric.
Banner image of two women wearing MWG COMFORT WEAVE FR Button Shirts and MWG COMFORT WEAVE FR Utility Pant. MWG COMFORT WEAVE FR Shirts are bright orange with silver segmented reflective tape to meet high-visibility standard CSA Z96-15.



93 Years of Exceptional Quality & Service

Welcome to MWG Apparel. We are a Canadian owned and operated manufacturer, leading in personal protective equipment - Flame Resistant (FR) clothing & Hi-Vis workwear. We have a long history as a leading manufacturer in Canada, supplying premium safety apparel & FR Clothing for use in electrical utilities, mining, forest fire fighting, oil & gas, and National Defence.

We continue to design and manufacture our full line of western apparel, which includes denim jeans, denim shirts & jackets, plaid shirts, and flannels. Our western styles combine timeless tradition with modernity.