CERTIFICATION: This garment has been certified compliant to both NFPA 1977:2022 and CGSB 155.22:2014 by Underwriters Laboratory and bears the certification mark issued by Underwriters Laboratory. This certification includes the construction of the garment, the fabric used, all trims, thread, labels and seam strength.

SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: This garment, when certified only as a work uniform for fighting forest fires, and does not provide primary protection for any firefighting activities beyond its intended use, including fire entry. Primary protection for all other firefighting activities require other types of fire protection additional clothing and equipment appropriate for fire protection including respiratory, head and hand and foot protection. Failure to comply with this warning may result in serious injury or death. Users of these garments should follow proper use consistent with NFPA 1500 and 29 CFR 1910.132 “Personal Protective Equipment”.

MARKING AND ADJUSTMENTS: Identification markings may be placed only on the line designated “CONTROL NUMBER” on the interior label using a marking pen. Any adjustments to this garment performed by anyone other than MWG or an accredited company are not permitted and will render the warranty null and void.

TESTING: All elements of this garment have been tested at a third party laboratory and have been found to meet or exceed the standards as set our in both NFPA 1977 and CGSB 155.22. Most performance properties cannot be tested by the user in the field.

DONNING: Bottoms: Hold the trouser open with the fly unfastened. Pull trousers up over hips to the waist and fasten the fly closure. Cinch ankle closures securely if present.

Tops: Pull shirt/jacket over the head. Cinch wrist closures by tightening securely. Fasten center front closure all the way to the neck and close collar by tightening securely.

Overlap: User should confirm there is adequate overlap from the bottom edge of the shirt to the top edge of the trouser, before using this garment.


DOFFING: Remove shirt first by opening neck and center front closures. Then open fly closure and remove trousers. Avoid contact with any part of garments that could be contaminated.


WARRANTY, REPAIR and ADJUSTMENTS: MWG Apparel guarantees and warrants the original owner of this garment against defects. Our warranty extends to the life of the garment for any and all defects in fabric and/or trims and sewing. Should a defect be identified, MWG will at our expense bring any defective garment back to our factory and either repair or replace the garment at no charge. MWG offers a repair service and all repairs not performed by MWG must be performed by an accredited company using certified original fabric and trims sewn using certified Nomex thread. Failure to comply will render the warranty null and void.


WARNING: Contaminants such as fuel oil or solvents can be flammable and any garments that have been contaminated must be removed from service and either cleaned or discarded. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. 

WARNING: These garments are an outerwear garment. Undergarments should be made of cotton, wool, silk, aramid or other flame resistant materials, such as MWG FLEXSAFE.

CLEANING: Garments should be turned inside out prior to cleaning. This helps prevent damage to any reflective tape on the garment. Machine wash hot (maximum 140° F / 60° C), warm rinse (maximum 90° F / 32° C). Use mild detergent. Do NOT use chlorine bleach or detergents that contain chlorine bleach. Use only non-chlorine bleach, if necessary. Do NOT use fabric softeners or starch , tumble dry using permanent press setting. Iron on medium setting only (maximum 325° F / 163° C). Garments that have not been properly cleaned and thoroughly dried must not be worn in the field. Should the garments become contaminated, they should be immediately removed from service and either discarded or professionally cleaned.

RECOMMENDED STORAGE and INSPECTION: Store clean garments in a cool dry location. Garments should be regularly inspected for damage in the field and repaired or replaced if damaged.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additional information can by contacting MWG Apparel Corp. 1147 Notre Dame Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3E 3G1. Telephone (204) 774-2561. Email