MWG's proprietary fabrics are purpose-built to provide job-specific safety and performance. Decades of experience outfitting demanding industries has provided our design and development team the knowledge to develop innovative solutions with enhanced safety and comfort.


MWG BLOCKER is a product of the prairies. Outfitting professionals working in cold and tough working environments resulted in the development of exceptional outerwear fabrics - but none are more beloved than our BLOCKER fleece. Built to block the wind, BLOCKER fleece provides the warmth you need on even the coldest winter days. With a 25 ATPV and CAT3 FR Rating - BLOCKER is built to take on any task.


MWG COMFORT WEAVE is light in weight, and heavy in performance. Providing you with far more than its 9 ATPV and CAT 2 FR rating, COMFORT WEAVE was developed to offer to FR protection in warm working environments. This inherently flame-resistant blend breathes and wicks moisture, keeping a crisp and clean look in the toughest environments. 


MWG EVOLUTION was developed to perform in the world's warmest climates. Developed and designed to protect professionals working in tropical weather, EVOLUTION breathes, wicks moisture, and stretches - all while maintaining an 11 ATPV and CAT 2 FR rating. MWG EVOLUTION's soft and lightweight feel, combined with its exceptional safety properties, has made it the preferred choice for FR Safety in warm working environments.


Working people love a good canvas pant. MWG FLEXGUARD is a result of many calls for exactly that. Our proprietary stretch canvas is tough, stretchy, and provides CAT 2 FR Protection. MWG FLEXGUARD was developed to re-create your favorite work pant, with the safety you require.


MWG FLEXSAFE is inherently flame-resistant, and inherently comfortable. Developed to enhance comfort and performance as a next-to-skin base layer fabric, MWG FLEXSAFE exceeds all expectations. Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, inherent flame-resistance - what doesn't this fabric do?! The result, the most comfortable FR Clothing you can find.


Tough as hell. MWG RIPGUARD has been developed to handle tough work, tough weather, tough people, and tough treatment. This inherently flame-resistant fabric is built with a tough weave and ripstop durability. Despite its tough exterior, MWG RIPGUARD is often admired for its soft and lightweight feel.


MWG STORMSHIELD is the wind and waterproof brother of RIPGUARD. Built with the same tough construction, MWG STORMSHIELD is an inherently flame-resistant ripstop fabric, but with a laminated waterproof finish. MWG STORMSHIELD exceeds every flame-resistant rainwear standard by almost double and performs as the perfect shell for high-quality winterwear. MWG STORMSHIELD truly lives up to its name and shields against any weather, hazard, and whatever else may be thrown its way.


Developing a fabric that provides CAT 2 FR protection, durability, breathability and moisture wicking performance, and a super soft feel sounds like an impossible task. Well, MWG TRANSMISSION checks all these boxes and more. Originally developed to improve durability in tough working environments while maintaining a high comfort level next to skin, MWG TRANSMISSION has been a staple in our programs for years. Its comfort and performance outperforms and outlasts across industries and in all conditions, providing dependable comfort and safety to professionals for generations.