Safety Through Innovation

MWG FR Clothing Helps You Stay Safe – No Matter Where You Work

This past year has been difficult for many, us included. We’ve had our business disrupted multiple times, by forces outside of our own control, and it’s taken a toll. We have done our best to adapt and pivot when opportunities were presented – but really – we’ve been waiting, just like the rest of the world, for things to get back to normal.

That being said, this wait has not gone without progress. We’ve utilized our “down time” to make strides in the design and development of our flame-resistant (FR) clothing and FR fabrics. We’ve introduced many new FR styles and FR fabrics over the past year and can’t wait to show everyone the benefits and features these innovations can provide.

As the world slowly moves forward, our business is now growing at a much quicker pace. Proving our work over the last year and a half has not gone unnoticed, we’ve been receiving praise for our latest innovations in safety, comfort, and durability – and recently, we’ve gained large customers across sectors who have been very impressed with our recent advancements in FR clothing and FR fabrics. We’re now proud to say we have a line capable of outfitting workers from a variety of sectors, as well as our core FR styles for workers in electrical generation and transmission. We can now proudly say we’re a leading manufacturer of FR clothing and safety apparel in Canada – outfitting wildland firefighters, miners, the transportation industry, and electrical utilities. We hope to keep growing and keep more people safe while on the job – no matter where they work.

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