Tried. Tested. True.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professionals across industries safe and comfortable FR Clothing that complies with all the latest safety standards. Engineering FR Clothing and flame-resistant fabric blends to the highest standards ensures consistency and dependability when delivering safety apparel.

With safety as the priority in every design, MWG takes immense pride in meeting or exceeding the latest safety standards, ensuring third-party (external) tests are completed and made available to each and every customer.

Third-Party Testing

The importance of third-party tests cannot be understated. Without documented data demonstrating the ability to meet or exceed each standard, individuals and employers are unable to ensure compliance in hazardous areas.

All of our FR Clothing is tested at Aitex, the world’s leading centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services for the textile industry. Performing external tests with an industry leader ensures all results are supplied by a trusted and unbiased source.

Remove Bias

The ability to perform internal tests can be a valuable resource for manufacturers. However, a third-party or external test removes any underlying bias from the equation, giving individuals the confidence they’re safe and fully compliant while on the job.

Safety First, Always

When searching for FR Clothing, always look for third-party testing, readily available data, and a strong history of compliance. Take the time, ask the questions, and do the research. Because nothing is more important than your safety.  

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