Women of PLT Networking Event

Women of PLT Networking Event

July 8th 2021 – Women of PLT x MWG

Our dedication to Women’s Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing will be on full display on July 8th, as we will be attending the Women of PLT Networking Event as a Terawatt Sponsor.

We’re extremely excited to meet and interact with women in various trade and technical roles in the electricity sector across North America – to highlight our efforts in women’s flame resistant clothing – and learn more about their current roles and career aspirations. We hope to learn more about the challenges they’ve faced in their positions, with special attention to the personal protective equipment and FR clothing they typically wear.

To demonstrate our commitment to advancing and supporting women in trade and technical roles, our goal is to add to and improve upon our existing line of women’s FR clothing – and help to eliminate a barrier many women have identified when entering historically male-dominated sectors.

During the event, we will seek input from the attendees on what they like – and what they don’t – about our women’s FR clothing. Through a Q&A session, survey, and the development of an Advisory Committee, unique perspectives and experiences will mesh with the ideas and expertise of our design team to assist in the further development and expansion of our collection. In doing so, our innovations in women’s FR clothing will better address the needs of those who wear it.

Our customer’s comfort and safety in our FR clothing is our top priority, because we know the importance it has on both physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to help everyone feel truly comfortable at work, starting with what you wear. By reducing the barriers women face, we hope to encourage more women to choose careers in the electricity sector in Canada – and really enjoy going to work every day.

We invite you to register and be a part of the conversation! Everyone is welcome! Look forward to seeing you there (virtually)!

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