Beat the Summer Heat with MWG Apparel's Coolest FR Clothing

mwg aWhen you’re working hard in the summer heat, heavy flame-resistant workwear won’t cut it -- you need lightweight, breathable FR clothing that keeps you cool and dry. The best cooling FR clothing is designed with proprietary fabric blends that allow airflow for comfort, wick away moisture on hot days, and feel light and airy, even when you’re wearing layers. If the thermometer is already rising in your workplace, you can create your own cool, comfortable oasis by outfitting yourself in the right clothing without sacrificing FR protection.

Staying cool at work goes beyond comfort and extends to your safety and well-being. Heat stress, heat stroke, heat rash, and dangerous health conditions are directly related to overheating on the job. A simple update to your workwear wardrobe can help you avoid these risks during the summer.

What’s the Best Cooling FR Clothing for Summer?

From breathable FR shirts that dry quickly and breathe to cooling FR pants and barely-there base layers, it’s possible to beat the summer heat with MWG Apparel’s coolest FR clothing. Here’s a look at the premium FR clothing options to help you beat the summer heat and stay safe on the job!

Breathable FR Base Layers

If your workplace requires layered FR protection, it’s important to choose breathable base layers that don’t weigh you down or trap body heat. The expertly designed MWG FLEXSAFE™ base layer collection includes every layering essential you’ll need when it’s hot, like cooling t-shirts and boxers. Plus, every MWG Apparel base layer provides the following:

  • Inherent FR CAT 1 protection (ATPV 4.3)
  • 4-way stretch for freedom of movement
  • Moisture-wicking, cooling fabric blend
  • Breathable and odor-resistant

Since base layers sit close to the skin, they have an important job as part of your summer workwear wardrobe. Don’t choose options that trap heat and sweat. Instead, opt for the lightweight, moisture-wicking power of MWG FLEXSAFE™ base layers.

Lightweight FR Shirts

Whether you need durable FR performance, hi-vis, or both, choosing lightweight FR shirts that are designed to exceed industry compliance standards and keep you cool will give you peace of mind and increased comfort on the job. What is the lightest FR shirt? You’ll find lightweight FR long-sleeve, hi-vis henleys and button shirts, t-shirts, and women’s FR shirts in our collection of breathable, lightweight garments. Shirts in the MWG COMFORT WEAVE™, COTTON COMFORT™, EVOLUTION™, and TRANSMISSION™ collections are designed with varying levels of FR protection and all are ideal for working in the summer heat.

What is the most comfortable FR shirt for hot weather? Look for shirts made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to stay cool and dry in hot weather. MWG COMFORT WEAVE™ shirts and FLEXSAFE™ base layer t-shirts are some of our most comfortable options. We’ve created plenty of shirts that prioritize your safety and compliance with enhanced breathability, stretch, and lightweight fabrics for summer.

Thermal-Regulating FR Pants

Thermal-regulating FR fabrics prevent you from overheating when you’re working in hot conditions, making it an important feature to look for in quality FR pants in summer. MWG COMFORT WEAVE™ utility pants provide the durable CAT 2 protection you expect from exposure to flame, spark, and arc hazards on the job without trapping body heat. With powerful FR and AR protection that keeps you safe and in compliance, you’ll enjoy the breathable, perspiration-wicking properties of our third-party tested, hi-vis COMFORT WEAVE™ FR pants and stay comfortable on the warmest days.

Stay Cool on the Job with MWG Apparel's Breathable FR Clothing

The warmest months of the year might make you long for milder seasons, but when you’re outfitted with premium FR apparel that works as hard as you do, you’ll enjoy more comfortable working conditions and help protect yourself from heat-related illness. From lightweight base layers and breathable FR shirts that wick away sweat to thermal-regulating pants that keep you cool from the waist down, it’s our mission to develop, test, and provide the best breathable FR clothing on the market.

Ensure protection and comfort with MWG Apparel's lightweight FR clothing selections. Our priority is to help you perform your work at the highest level, offering a range of fabrics and specialized fits.
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