Best Practices For Outfitting Your Team With Flame-Resistant Clothing

Your team performs at their highest potential when they’re properly outfitted for the job. Making sure everyone is prepared with quality workwear means ordering flame-resistant clothing that meets or exceeds safety standards and regulations. But there are several factors to consider here, like flame-resistant materials, fit and style, shipping, and bulk ordering logistics.

If you’re new to ordering FR clothing for your team, we’ve got some essential info for you below. From picking out FR workwear for women that actually fits well with premium performance to finding trusted sources to ship bulk FR work apparel, let’s look at the best practices for outfitting your team with flame-resistant clothing below.

Flame-Resistant Material

What are flame-resistant uniforms made of? FR uniforms and workwear garments can be made from inherently flame-resistant materials (the top choice) or treated FR fabrics. MWG Apparel uses third-party tested premium FR materials to create the most comfortable and wearable fit without compromising rigorous compliance standards and safety.

Choose from our tested-and-vetted FR materials for different work environments and conditions, including:

  • Comfy Flexsafe™ base layers
  • Warm CAT 3 Blocker™ fleece
  • Breathable CAT 2 Comfort Weave™ blend
  • Stretchy CAT 2 Flexguard™ canvas
  • Cooling CAT 2 Evolution™ blend
  • Durable Ripguard™ ripstop fabric
  • Waterproof Stormshield™ materials
  • Moisture-wicking CAT 2 Transmission™ blend

How do you know if clothes are FR-rated? At MWG Apparel, every garment we develop and manufacture has been third-party tested by Aitex, from the thread used to the fastening systems, and proudly bears the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Certification label to show it meets CSA Z462 and ASTM F1506 standards. When you see the maple leaf and check-mark label on our clothing, you can be sure it’s FR-rated and among the safest workwear options available for your team.

FR Clothing Style and Fit

How do I choose the right FR uniform? Picking out the proper uniform for your team starts with understanding the protection needed for each job in your facility. An incident energy analysis by an engineer will consider how closely your team members will be working with electric arc flash or flash fire risks to determine which personal protection equipment (PPE) category (1-4) is needed for FR uniforms. A garment’s Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) is used to place it into the right PPE category, or CAT, according to an employee's level of risk working with certain equipment:

  • CAT 1: 4+ cal/cm2
  • CAT 2: 8+ cal/cm2
  • CAT 3: 25+ cal/cm2
  • CAT 4: 40+ cal/cm2

For example, electrical linemen and women must wear CAT 1-minimum FR clothing with an ATPV rating of at least 4 calories per square centimeter. Oil & gas workers typically need CAT 2 (8+ calories per square centimeter) FR clothing at minimum. MWG Apparel’s Corporate Program team can help you pinpoint the CAT requirements and FR clothing styles/fits to suit your team’s needs when you place a bulk order.

Bulk Sourcing & Shipping

If you’re ordering flame-resistant clothing in bulk, it’s essential to find a great manufacturer and supplier that you can trust to outfit your team with high-quality workwear. MWG Apparel designs, manufactures, and bulk-ships FR clothing that meets or exceeds complex personal protective equipment (PPE) standards. We supply the Canadian Department of National Defence and teams in the electrical, mining, oil & gas, fire fighting, and construction trades with premium FR clothing that meets electric arc flash, flash fire, and/or high visibility standards. We make sure ordering flame-resistant clothing in bulk is easy, so your team can stay comfortable and in compliance.

With our Corporate Program, you can customize and design apparel that meets your needs, order bulk FR clothing, and enjoy free shipping (4-7 days) directly to your facility. Add your logo, choose company colors, and create custom FR uniforms for different teams in your facility with ease. You’ll have an MWG Apparel safety & design expert to guide you through the selection and ordering process and access to a handy online dashboard to keep track of your orders and shipping.

Outfit your team with the finest flame-resistant clothing available. Explore our inventory of high-quality FR outerwear, gear, and pants for both men and women. Find the perfect selections for your team today.
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