Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Trades with Proper PPE

The State of PPE for Women in Trades

Women in trades, including electricians, welders, and construction workers, face unique challenges when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE). According to a report by the Canadian Standards Association (Keefe, 2022), nearly 50% of women experience PPE that doesn't fit properly, leading to discomfort, reduced protection, and even injuries. This is a critical issue in industries like electrical generation, mining, transportation, and forest firefighting, where PPE is essential for safety.

The Alarming Statistics

  • 43% of women reported PPE discomfort 
  • 35% found the selection of women-specific PPE inadequate 
  • 58% use PPE that's the wrong size at least some of the time 
  • 28% don't wear required PPE due to fit issues

Empowering Women in Trades with Flame-Resistant Clothing

At MWG Apparel, we recognize the value and contributions of women in trades and are committed to providing premium, high-quality flame-resistant workwear designed specifically for women. Our goal is to empower women to excel in their careers without compromising their safety or comfort. Our flame-resistant clothing includes:

Breaking Down Barriers with Proper PPE

Our flame-resistant collection is designed to address these challenges, prioritizing comfort, protection, and style. By providing gear that fits and functions well, we aim to boost confidence, productivity, and safety for women in trades. 

Join the Conversation

Let's break down barriers and create a more inclusive work environment. Visit our website to learn more about our women flame-resistant collection and join the conversation on empowering women in trades.



Keefe, A. (2022). Canadian Women’s Experiences with Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace. Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, ON.

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