How To Stay Cool in Flame-Resistant Clothing

Hot work environments are tough on their own, but add the need for flame-resistant clothing, and it can be downright miserable -- if you’re wearing the wrong material. Lightweight FR clothing made with breathable, moisture-wicking material is the solution for staying cool. In sweltering environments, you want breathable, airy garments that don’t skimp on FR protection and won’t trap body heat or moisture.

It’s not just about comfort. Overheating in non-breathable FR clothing at work can prevent your body’s normal cooling processes -- radiation and evaporative cooling (sweating) -- from working in hot environments. If you’re wearing FR clothing that doesn’t breathe and actively cool your skin, those bodily cooling processes don’t work and heat stress can occur. Heat stress can lead to more serious conditions, like heat rash, heat syncope, or heat stroke.

Fortunately, there are expertly engineered breathable FR materials today that are designed to support your body’s natural cooling processes and wick moisture away from the skin, allow heat to radiate away from you, and keep you comfortably cool on the job.

How to Stay Cool in Hot Work Environments

When FR clothing is a requirement at work, you might wonder, “How do I stay cool in FR clothing?” Choosing lightweight FR clothing designed for thermal regulation with the proper fit, breathability, and moisture-wicking power is the ticket. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you shop for cooling FR workwear.

  • Moisture-wicking baselayers: Baselayer FR clothing that’s light and actively wicks moisture away from your skin keeps you dry and comfortable at work with higher combined Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) ratings.
  • Proper fit: Ill-fitting baselayers and FR clothing can cling to your skin or hang loosely and bunch up. Properly fitting workwear maximizes the cooling power of special FR fabrics and keeps you dry.
  • Breathable, cooling material: Breathable FR clothing made with special materials (like MWG Apparel Comfort Weave™ or Evolution™) offers thermal regulation power combined with FR protection.
  • Smart layering: In roles where layered FR protection is required, the weight and breathability of each layer are important. Make sure every layer is light and breathable with cooling FR fabrics that increase your total protection without feeling bulky, heavy, or trapping sweat.
Types of Cooling FR Clothing

You can find a range of cooling FR clothing, including base layers, shirts, pants, and outerwear, on the market today, but it’s one area where it pays to be choosy. Look for the highest-quality cooling FR materials with terms like cooling, breathable, moisture-wicking, thermal regulating, and lightweight. Only buy FR clothing that’s labeled and certified by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) from a trusted source like MWG Apparel. We even supply the Canadian Department of National Defence! Looking for these certifications ensures you’re actually getting the ATPV protection advertised because each garment with this label is third-party tested.

So where can I find lightweight FR work shirts? MWG Apparel is the #1 source for cooling FR clothing with breathable, lightweight construction. We offer FR work shirts, pants, base layers, and outerwear in four proprietary materials that are perfect for hot work environments. Here are just a few examples:

  • MWG FLEXSAFE™ Men's FR T-Shirt: Soft and flexible moisture-wicking baselayer t-shirt with 4-way stretch & CAT 2 protection
  • MWG COMFORT WEAVE™ Men's FR Button Shirt: Cooling, hi-vis, moisture-wicking button shirt with CAT 2 protection
  • MWG EVOLUTION™ Women's FR Long-Sleeve: Breathable, moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirt with 4-way stretch & 11 ATPV protection
  • MWG TRANSMISSION™ Men's FR Crewneck: Moisture-wicking, quick-drying long-sleeve shirt with breathable weave & CAT 2 protection

Our premium COMFORT WEAVE™ fabric offers the cooling, breathable protection you need in hot work environments. Our Evolution™ line features a lightweight fabric blend with 4-way stretch that wicks away moisture from the skin. MWG FLEXSAFE™ baselayers add protection and keep your skin cool and dry, while TRANSMISSION™ garments are designed to wick away sweat and dry quickly.

There’s no need to break a sweat on the job -- we’ve got you covered with everything from cooling FR t-shirts to breathable, lightweight outerwear. Beat the heat in style with our lightweight FR clothing. We offer comfortable and breathable FR shirts to stay cool on the job – shop at MWG Apparel today!
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