What You Wear Under FR Clothing Matters: The Importance of FR Base Layers

When it comes to flame-resistant (FR) clothing, what you wear underneath is just as crucial as the FR clothing itself. At MWG Apparel, we're dedicated to keeping you protected on the job, and that includes dispelling myths about FR clothing. In this blog post, we'll explore the truth about FR protection, the importance of FR base layers, and why choosing the right undergarments is vital for your safety.

The Truth About FR Protection

FR clothing offers incredible protection against flames and electric arcs, but it's not invincible. It can't block 100% of heat energy. That's where what you wear underneath comes in. The right undergarments add another layer of defense, while the wrong ones can put you at risk. FR clothing is designed to protect against:

  • Electric arcs
  • Flash fires
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Damp or wet conditions

Why Choose FR Base Layers?

FR base layers like long johns, t-shirts, and crewnecks form an additional barrier against thermal hazards, enhancing your protection. Layering FR clothing boosts your total arc thermal protective value (ATPV) rating, keeping you safer. Quality FR base layers are:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Comfortable
  • High-performance

MWG Apparel: Your FR Base Layer Experts

We offer a wide range of FR base layers designed to enhance your combined ATPV rating and keep you safe. Our FLEXSAFE™ and TRANSMISSION™ lines exceed minimum arc ratings, ensuring the best possible protection. From boxers to crewnecks, we have options for every season and environment. Explore our FR base layers:

Complete FR Workwear Solutions

In addition to FR base layers, MWG Apparel offers a complete line of FR workwear, including:

Visit our website to explore the full range and find the perfect FR clothing for your needs.

Don't Settle for Partial Protection

For ultimate safety, choose MWG Apparel's FR base layers – safety, guaranty and comfort. Remember, what you wear underneath your FR clothing matters. Don't compromise on your safety – choose the right FR base layers for the job.

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