FR Clothing Guide For Construction Workers

The construction field is booming, but job sites in the industry are filled with unique safety risks that have to be addressed with the proper workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE). Getting the right FR clothing for construction workers is one way you can protect yourself at work and put safety first on any job site. From men’s hi-vis clothing to insulated hard hat liners, getting your workwear in order will keep you comfortable, safe, and standards-compliant on the job.

Do Construction Workers Need FR Clothing?

Does OSHA require fire retardant clothing? It depends on the job and associated risks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) require flame-resistant clothing in work environments where workers could be exposed to combustible elements or materials. ANSI/ISEA 107 standards and CCOHS also require high-visibility clothing (Class 1, 2, or 3 vests, bibs, shirts, coveralls, etc.) for construction workers, since the job often involves moving vehicles and large equipment, working near traffic, and poor visibility conditions.

FR Clothing Types for Construction Workers

What is proper clothing for construction workers? All construction workers will need high-visibility, or hi-vis, safety apparel that meets CSA Z96-09 standards, including:

  • Fluorescent or bright background colors
  • Retroreflective striping in an X pattern on the back
  • Level FR, level 1, or level 2 photometric hi-vis performance
  • Class 1, 2, or 3 garments with varying levels of hi-vis coverage

These standards ensure you’re seen on the job site, where moving parts and machinery can put you at risk. If you only need high-visibility protection that meets CSA Z96-22 requirements, some of the clothing types you’ll need are:

  • Hi-vis shirts, like MWG Apparel Men's Hi Vis T-Shirt or Men's Hi Vis Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with 4” yellow/silver reflective tape and X back
  • Hi-vis vests, like MWG Apparel Hi Vis Safety Vest with 4” yellow/silver reflective tape and X back
  • Hi-vis pants, like MWG Apparel Men's Hi Vis Cargo Pant with 2 rows of 2” yellow/silver reflective tape
  • Hi-vis outerwear, like MWG Apparel Men's Hi Vis 3-in-1 Parka or Men's Hi Vis Rain Jacket with 4” yellow/silver reflective tape and X back
  • Hi-vis accessories, like MWG EVOLUTION™ Sun Shade or MWG BLOCKER™ FR Hard Hat Liner

If you need hi-vis workwear with FR protection that's made with waterproof, lightweight, or ripstop materials, consider these clothing options:

  • Lightweight hi-vis FR clothing, like MWG TRANSMISSION™ Men's FR Crewneck (CAT 2, ATPV 8.2) or EVOLUTION™ Men's FR T-Shirt (CAT 2, ATPV 11)
  • Ripstop hi-vis FR clothing, like the MWG RIPGUARD™ Men's FR Overall (CAT 2, ATPV 8) or RIPGUARD™ Men's FR Utility Pant (CAT 2, ATPV 8.2)
  • Waterproof ripstop FR clothing, like MWG STORMSHIELD™ Men's FR Rain Jacket (CAT 2, ATPV 10) or STORMSHIELD™ Women's FR Parka (CAT 2, ATPV 23)
FR Construction Clothing Care & Maintenance

Keeping your construction workwear in good shape is key to getting the most bang for your buck. Here are the washing directions we provide for MWG Apparel items (usually applicable to other brands):

  • Only wash as often as needed
  • Always turn clothing inside out to wash
  • Don’t use commercial laundromats or dry-clean
  • Machine wash in warm water; tumble dry low
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, DEET, or flammable materials on clothing

Caring for and maintaining your workwear goes a long way in helping it last longer. The lifespan of a quality FR garment is 25 washes or until it becomes faded, frayed, compromised, or ripped, at which point the garment should be retired from use. MWG Apparel backs all clothing purchases with an extended warranty, replacing any defective or damaged product (but not regular wear and tear damage).

Finding Quality FR Construction Clothing
FR clothing for construction workers is widely available, but it pays to be selective when you buy. Some companies say their garments are standards-compliant but never actually test their products. At MWG Apparel, we use Aitex to third-party test every garment and are CGSB certified -- you’ll see the label on every garment we make. Browse our wide range of FR safety apparel crafted from premium fabrics to ensure your protection and comfort as a construction worker.
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