A Good Fit

A Good Fit

MWG FR Women's PPE

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, when wearing face coverings was a generally new concept, disposable blue face masks were dispersed to help slow the spread of the novel virus. These masks were worn for short a period, when buying groceries or picking up to-go orders, and then thrown out immediately after use. As the year went on and masks became a part of daily wardrobes, people grew tired of the disposable blue face masks and searched for superior options. The majority of people purchased, and even handcrafted, face masks that better aligned with their sense of style and comfort.

The same phenomenon is occurring in utilities. Workers and their employers are abandoning archaic, ill-fitting personal protective equipment (PPE) for modern kits that provide protection, comfort, durability, and style.

This transition is especially apparent when we examine women who work in the electrical utility industry. For far too long, there were no options to satisfy the criteria women in the industry hold for style, comfort, and safety. They had been forced to dawn the “disposable blue face masks” while their male peers were increasingly offered modern renditions of traditional designs.

Women face a magnitude of challenges when attempting to enter a typically male-dominated industry. Finding clothing that fits, cannot be one of those challenges. New styles are now entering the market to help existing female workers feel more comfortable while on the job, in addition to aiding in the recruitment of highly skilled workers to join the field.

We have developed a line of women’s flame resistant and high-visibility garments for the benefit of their customers working in the energy sector across Canada. The high-quality garments that we have produced since 1928, have transitioned seamlessly to form to women’s bodies the way they prefer. The response has been remarkable, as many of the women who have received these uniforms, wear pieces of their kit during the evenings and even on weekends because they are so happy with the fit and the feel.

The ability to provide women in the workforce a uniform they can be proud of and comfortable in assists in the retention, and the further development, of young women in the industry. Through developments as simple as providing a uniform women in the workforce can be proud of, the electrical utility sector makes strides toward being a truly inclusive industry.

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