Benefits of High-Visibility Clothing During Winter

When you’re on the job, you want to be seen -- not because you’re ready for your closeup, but to ensure you and your team’s safety on the job site during winter. Being easily visible to your coworkers, bystanders, and job site visitors is what stands between you and preventable accidents. There are a number of concrete benefits to wearing high-visibility clothing during winter that make fluorescent apparel an essential part of your cold-weather workwear.

Benefits of High Visibility Clothing During Winter

What are the benefits of hi-vis clothing? Increased visibility, thanks to fluorescent orange with reflective tape, is the first advantage you’ll notice about hi-vis clothing during winter. Instead of muted, neutral colors that are hard to make out from a distance, these bright colors stand out. Safety ties into increased visibility and warmth is a major advantage when you choose options like high visibility coveralls or winter jackets.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of wearing hi-vis clothing in winter.

Increased Visibility

Fluorescent colors used in high-visibility safety clothing make it easier to see when you’re wearing them. Orange and yellow are two of the most visible fluorescent colors. Workwear with reflective tape in these shades makes you stand out from the background in low light conditions, bad weather, and busy job sites like construction sites and road work.

Enhanced Personal Safety

Being more visible directly enhances your safety at work by making it easier for coworkers, bystanders, and job site visitors to see where you are and react accordingly, especially in winter. In 2020, 21.1% of deaths in the construction industry were due to workers being struck by equipment or objects -- cases when high visibility FR clothing could’ve protected workers by making them easier to see.

The winter months can lead to poor visibility with snow, ice, and rainy conditions interfering with how well you can be seen on the job site. By wearing pieces like a hi-vis winter jacket, you’ll keep yourself safe and decrease your chances of falling victim to accidents that stem from poor visibility.

Keep Warm

Durable, high-visibility workwear is key to keeping warm in winter, enabling you to bundle up in adverse weather conditions without sacrificing safety. While you can find warm coats, coveralls, and jackets in various shades of brown, black, and navy, these colors won’t do you any favors in increasing your visibility on the job site. Instead, rely on brightly-colored hi-vis clothing designed for cold-weather work to seal out cold air, rain, and snow, and protect you from painful conditions like frostbite and hypothermia.

Types of Hi-Vis Clothing

When should high-visibility clothing be worn, and what types are available to add to your workwear wardrobe? Jackets, overalls, coveralls, and accessories like gloves and hats can be purchased in hi-vis colors to increase visibility, safety, and warmth on the job site. You’ll need different types of hi-vis clothing for various work conditions and workplaces, ensuring regulation compliance and the highest level of protection.

Jackets, overalls, coveralls, and accessories designed for cold-weather conditions in high-visibility colors should be part of your winter workwear toolkit.

  • Jackets: From full-zip hoodies and MWG’s Hi Vis 3-in-1 Parka to cooler jackets and safety vests, jackets in fluorescent orange with reflective tape accents add a standout layer of warmth to your workwear.
  • Overalls and Coveralls: High-vis insulated FR one-piece overalls and coveralls, like the MWG Men’s Hi Vis Coverall, don’t leave space between top and bottom garments, making them essential in hazardous industries like oil and gas or electric utilities.
  • Accessories: Gloves, hats, and hard hat liners in high-vis colors complete your workwear with options like the fleece-lined MWG BLOCKER™ Insulated Hard Hat Liner in bright orange shades that offer protection, warmth, and better visibility.

Choosing high-visibility winter workwear isn’t a fashion statement -- donning bright, fluorescent colors in winter-ready styles could save your life, keep you warm, and make it easier to do your job well. Stay protected this winter with high-visibility work attire. Explore our diverse range of premium items, including vests and pants, designed to prioritize safety.
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