Benefits of Ripstop FR clothing

If you thought flame-resistant clothing couldn’t get any tougher, you haven’t experienced the durability and strength of ripstop FR fabrics yet! Explore why ripstop workwear, like our MWG RIPGUARD™ Collection, with added flame-resistant protection is the longest-lasting, sturdiest apparel you can choose for the job in our guide to the benefits of ripstop FR clothing.


Standing up to sharp objects, long-term wear, and all the bending, crouching, and crawling your job can throw at you is a must when you’re shopping for the best ripstop FR clothing. But that’s not all you’ll get! Before we dive into the benefits and advantages of choosing workwear crafted with sturdy ripstop technology, let’s take a look at the durability you should expect from premium workwear brands like MWG Apparel.

How Durable is Ripstop Fabric?

Ripstop fabric is built to withstand rips and tears that could compromise the fabric (and in workwear, the safety and protection of the person wearing the apparel). It’s not only used for workwear, but also in outdoor applications like sails, tents, and flags. Typically reinforced at stress points, like knees and elbows, ripstop fabric is lightweight but tough and woven with synthetic materials that easily resist rips and tears. While durability and rip-resistance vary by brand and quality of craftsmanship, MWG Apparel’s proprietary RIPGUARD™ workwear line is constructed to military specs with:


  • Square ripstop weaving
  • Triple needle stitching for durability
  • Diamond crotch gussets for tough wear resistance
  • Bartacking for reinforcement at stress points (knees, elbows, crotch)


Whether it's standing up to pocketed objects with sharp edges and points, like nails and rulers, or resisting ripping through repeated motions like crouching, bending, or abrasion on rough surfaces, ripstop FR fabrics are as tough as they come.


Quality ripstop fabric like RIPGUARD™ has been put to the test and are highly durable. And if something manages to snag it, the tightly woven reinforcement threads prevent the ripstop fabric from unraveling beyond the puncture, putting your workwear to work for longer -- a great investment for tough work environments.

What Are the Advantages of Ripstop?

What are the benefits and advantages of choosing workwear constructed with ripstop technology? Durability and long-lasting toughness are important benefits, and finding pieces that are inherently flame-resistant in addition to rip-resistant is key for certain workplaces. Opting for lightweight ripstop fabric that won’t weigh you down can help keep you comfortable on the job while having a variety of styles, apparel pieces, and options for both men and women are big advantages when it comes to outfitting yourself safely and securely for work.

Choosing a premium brand like MWG Apparel brings additional benefits, like a money-back guarantee that promises superior quality that lasts longer than other, non-proprietary options.


  • Durable and tough: Ripstop FR fabrics are crafted to resist tearing and hold up for long-lasting wear, even under extreme stress. Tested and constructed to prevent ripping on the job, quality ripstop apparel is almost impossible to tear, even if you try.
  • Flame-resistant: MWG RIPGUARD™ is inherently flame-resistant (ATPV 8 cal/CAT 2), offering two-fold protection against not just rips and tears, but also flash fires, electric arc flash, and combustibles with its durability.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: Constructed with durable yet lightweight synthetic materials in a proprietary FR textile blend, wearing RIPGUARD™ apparel is always comfortable and lightweight enough to forget you're wearing it when you're hard at work.
  • Available in several styles: From a sturdy, ripstop belt and tear-resistant, hi-vis FR overalls/coveralls for men and women to ripstop jackets and utility FR pants for men, our RIPGUARD™ line has you covered from head to toe on the job.
  • Guaranteed to last: MWG Apparel stands behind the durability of our ripstop fabric. That’s why we guarantee that your RIPGUARD™ pieces will be the longest-lasting garments you own or your money back.


Whether you need durable, rip-resistant bib overalls, coveralls, utility pants, belts, or lightweight jackets for work, you’ll never have to wonder about the construction quality and durability when you shop MWG Apparel’s RIPGUARD™ line. For men's and women’s clothing with unmatched durability and FR protection, look no further than MWG Apparel. Find out why MWG Apparel is the premier location for top-notch ripstop fire-resistant clothing and shop our variety of styles today!
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