Built to Last

Durable FR Clothing for Tough Work

MWG’s origins are in quality. Since 1928, every design, whether it be a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, or a handkerchief, has been built to give our customers years of use and enjoyment. Rather than producing fast fashion, we take immense pride in the durability and sustainability of our products.

Our history in the construction of durable garments has made our relatively recent transition into the FR clothing market one that has really changed the game. The development of our proprietary FR fabrics and the design of innovative garments are all done so with three goals in mind: safety, comfort, and durability.

First and foremost, we strive to make the highest performing garments in regards to safety, because that is the most important thing to the worker and their families. Second, comfort is crucial. If one of our FR garments are not comfortable, workers are less likely to wear the FR clothing as designed, or at all.

Our third pillar, durability, is maybe our greatest strength. After nearly a century of manufacturing apparel for tough work, we’ve perfected the construction of workwear. From the fit to the stitching to the reinforced stress points, we really understand what makes a piece of clothing last and it really is evident to our customers. We’ve heard stories of our plaids and flannels being in someone’s wardrobe for half a century, and now, we’re hearing the same things about our FR clothing.

Our oldest FR clothing customers still wear some of the original garments we had constructed, nearly thirty years later! After nearly thirty years of wearing and working in these garments daily, they still perform to the highest standards and maintain their great appearance.

A recent story comes from one of our FR clothing customers, who had asked for a repair to a zipper pull that had fallen off of our BLOCKER fleece hoodie. We were happy to help repair, and actually improve upon, the zipper pull, and it gave us the opportunity to examine and inspect a garment that had admittedly been worn almost every day for the past two years. Upon inspection, we were extremely satisfied. The hoodie had clearly been worked hard and had no sign of wear and tear.

Now, with our recent advancements in inherent and treated flame-resistant fabric blends, our garments perform even better and last even longer than anything we’ve ever built.

Taking pride in the construction and the durability of our clothing is what our reputation has been built on. Providing premium, lasting apparel satisfies our customers, but also helps to provide a sustainable future where clothing doesn’t need to be replaced on a monthly basis.

There are numerous stories highlighting the durability of our clothing, both casual and flame-resistant. We love to hear it and invite you to share your story about the journeys you’ve embarked on in MWG Apparel. Share your story and send us pictures to be featured on our blog and social media pages.

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