Choosing the Right Fire-Resistant Clothing for Wildland Firefighters

Right Fire-Resistant Clothing for Wildland Firefighters

Choosing the Right Fire-Resistant Clothing for Wildland Firefighters: Key Factors and Considerations

As a wildland firefighter, your dedication, skill, and courage stand between communities and ecosystems threatened by wildland fires. Since 1990, an average of 2.5 million hectares have been consumed by wildland fires in Canada each year. The FR clothing for wildland firefighters you select directly impacts your ability to fight wildland fires safely. When lives, homes, and communities are on the line, it’s essential that you can rely on the quality, effectiveness, and performance of your wildland firefighting gear and clothing. Choosing the right FR clothing as a wildland firefighter is as simple as finding a brand you can trust and determining what to look for in your clothing to perform at the highest level on the job.

What Clothing Do Wildland Firefighters Need?

Basic FR gear isn’t enough for wildland firefighters. On-the-job hazards are serious -- burns, heat-related illnesses and injuries, burnovers, and entrapments make it imperative to work in FR clothing that is durable, standards-compliant, and able to withstand the dangerous working environments you’re called to on the job. But what PPE is required for wildland firefighting? FR clothing for wildland firefighters is one of the most important components of your personal protective equipment. Your work uniform clothing (not primary protection for duties like fire entry) should include the following garments:

  • Flame-resistant base layers made with 100% natural inherent FR fabrics (wool, silk, etc.) to protect the skin from radiant heat and burns, like MWG FLEXSAFE™
  • Long-sleeve wildland fire shirts/brush shirts, typically made with FR materials like Nomex or Kevlar, like MWG Men's and Women’s Wildland FR Shirts
  • Wildland fire pants, made with strong FR materials, hi-vis components, and utility pockets, like MWG Men’s and Women's Wildland FR Pants
  • Outerwear for cooler conditions layers your protection and may feature retroreflective stripes, bright colors, and gear pockets
Fire-Resistant Clothing for Wildland Firefighters

What functions should firefighters' clothing, especially that worn in wildland fires, perform? Wildland firefighter clothing should meet CGSB and NFPA standards to show effective performance in the face of intense radiant heat, vertical flammability, and sharp objects that could cause rips or tears that degrade the flame-resistant performance of the garment. Standards compliance tells you the garment meets performance goals in flame resistance, thermal protective performance, breaking and tearing strength, and durability.

What to Look for in Wildland Firefighter Clothing

When your life and safety depend on it, you need to know what separates the best gear from poor-quality options that can’t stand up to hazardous situations and working environments.

  • Proper Certification: The most important factor in choosing wildland firefighter clothing is proper certification under CGSB 155.22 and NFPA 1977 standards. All MWG Apparel garments (including design and construction, fabric, trim, thread, labels, and seams) meet or exceed these standards and bear the Underwriters Laboratory certification mark.
  • Hi-Vis Components: High-visibility, or hi-vis, components that are retroreflective or fluorescent are optional under the CGSB 155.22 standard, but they may be required locally and help keep firefighters safe by increasing contrast and visibility. If you need hi-vis components, look for stripes or bands that provide 360-degree visibility.
  • Adjustable Sleeve & Ankle Cuffs: A secure fit is essential in wildland firefighting protective clothing, and loose wrist/ankle openings can put you at risk. Always seek out garments that feature adjustable sleeves and ankle cuffs. This complies with the CGSB 155.22 standard: “Sleeve cuffs shall have a closure system that can be adjusted to provide a snug and secure fit around the wrist, and may include wristlets.”
  • Comfort & Durability: You need lightweight, comfortable FR clothing that is strong enough to withstand rips, tears, and premature wear. MWG Apparel’s wildland fire clothing is designed for performance and comfort, compliant with high CGSB/NFPA standards for rip and tear strength to hold up in harsh working conditions.
Shop the Best FR Clothing for Wildland Firefighters
While you’re busy saving lives and fighting fires, make sure your gear is working equally hard. Choose the best FR gear available for wildland firefighters on the market. Trust in MWG Apparel to ensure that your clothing meets the highest standards of safety and quality without any doubts. Shop our FR wildland fire clothing options today.
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