Coolest FR Clothing

How to handle the heat while wearing FR Clothing

Staying cool outdoors seems like an impossible task right now. With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius across North America, working outdoors can be unbearable. No matter how much water you drink or how little clothing you wear, you’re going to be hot. There’s no stopping that. But you can do your best to control your body temperature, and avoid risking any serious heat-induced injuries.

This starts with your clothing. Many don’t have the luxury of wearing board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt when working outdoors, and are required to wear job-specific safety apparel. This is the case for our customers. We design and manufacture FR clothing to help workers stay safe in high-risk environments. Helping workers stay safe must include accounting for weather, including extreme heat.

At MWG, we’ve developed fabrics with the purpose of keeping workers protected and as cool as possible while on the job. We have created lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking flame-resistant (FR) fabrics to help workers manage their body temperature throughout their day.


MWG FLEXSAFE™ is used for our base layer items. This remarkable four-way stretch FR blend combines moisture-management and breathability to create a high-performing, odor-resistant, flame-resistant fabric. MWG FLEXSAFE™ is used to build our short-sleeve FR t-shirt, our long-sleeve FR t-shirt, our FR long-john, and now, our FR boxer brief. Moisture-management is critical to keeping your body cool, and while adding layers might seem like a crazy idea in the heat, it will actually help your body regulate its temperature.


MWG COMFORT WEAVE™ is used for our FR button down work shirts and FR cargo pants. It is an incredibly lightweight blend that wicks moisture away from your body, helping your body manage its temperature. Wearing lightweight FR clothing makes all the difference, as it adds breathability and air flow. MWG COMFORT WEAVE™ is the highest-performing lightweight flame-resistant fabric of its kind, helping you stay protected from workplace risks, and heat-related risks, keeping you cool and comfortable all shift long.


Another lightweight flame-resistant fabric, MWG TRANSMISSION™ is used to build our long-sleeve FR shirts. We understand that wearing a long-sleeve shirt in the middle of summer doesn’t sound like a cool option, but you need to have your body covered when you’re working with high voltages. MWG TRANSMISSION™ is breathable and wicks moisture away from your body. It combines incredible performance with a great feel, mimicking the fit and feel of your favorite around-the-house shirts, but on the jobsite.


Possibly our most advanced FR fabric, MWG EVOLUTION™ is an 11 cal/cm² lightweight fabric that has moisture-wicking properties, breathes, and is super soft on your skin. It provides outstanding protection from workplace risks without compromising any of the comfort. Keeping comfortable in a lightweight and breathable shirt in the heat of summer helps you be effective and comfortable while on the job.


Our innovations in fabrics have been made with a goal to provide enhanced safety for workers, for all aspects of the job. Weather has become more extreme in recent years and the need to further develop performance FR fabrics will persist. Our commitment to safety and continued innovation will help workers stay safe and more comfortable on every worksite.

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