How to layer your FR clothing?

What should be worn beneath your FR clothing?


What you wear beneath your FR clothing is just as, or more, important as your FR outerwear. Wearing an FR sweatshirt and FR pants helps you stay protected while on the worksite - but what may be an afterthought is the under garments beneath your FR clothing.

We’ve worked with FR clothing for decades and we understand the importance of a high-quality FR base layer. We’ve heard horror stories of non-FR under garments being exposed to an arc-flash beneath FR/ARC clothing. The result can be serious injury and in some cases life-altering damage.

Our FLEXSAFE™ Base Layer is made with our proprietary FR fabric. It’s been designed to fit and feel like your favorite athletic wear. It is 4-way stretch for minimal resistance and comfort and wicks moisture away from the body to keep you dry all day long. It has odor-resistance properties and is super soft next-to-skin. In addition to feeling and looking great, our FLEXSAFE™ Base Layer items provide a 4.3 ATPV, helping you to stay safe while on the job.

Our current FLEXSAFE™ Base Layer items include a t-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, and long-johns. Not only do these items provide an additional layer of protection from worksite hazards, they also provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort on cooler days. In addition to our current base layer items, we’ll be releasing more styles later this year, including a FLEXSAFE™ Boxer Brief and women’s long-john.

It is absolutely crucial that you protect yourself from the base out to ensure your safety while on the worksite. Wearing non-FR items beneath your FR outerwear and pants puts you at risk and reduces the efficacy of your FR clothing. Take a look at our FLEXSAFE™ products page to learn more and place an order.

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