Mining the Right Fit

Recently, members of the MWG team had the privilege of visiting Canada’s newest – and soon to be largest – potash mine.

As production of the mine site began ramping up and the workforce expanded, workers were in need of new flame-resistant workwear. With years of experience supplying mines with fire-resistant clothing, MWG was the preferred brand to outfit these Canadian miners.

We were proud to be selected as the supplier of choice for this project. Our lightweight and breathable Comfort Weave blend served as the perfect FR fabric for working in hot environments, both above and underground. In addition, our dedication and commitment to diversity in the workplace aligned with the mine’s goal to have a gender balanced workforce.

To ensure a smooth rollout in the early stages of the program, our safety, design, and customer experience experts were invited on-site to conduct personal fittings and tailoring.

What had us surprised – and excited – was the number of women, both in trade and office roles, who needed to be fit in our flame-resistant (FR) apparel.

The number of women working in trade and technical roles remains low across industries and this was an opportunity to receive first-hand feedback.

At this specific mine site – their internal mandate is to have at least half of their trade and technical roles filled by women. Work is still needed to reach that goal, but it is by far the highest number of women we have outfitted amongst our current customer base.

Having the opportunity to communicate with a diverse group of women working in trade roles was both exciting and enlightening. The majority of their feedback was incredibly positive – in regards to the fit, function, style, and the fabric. However, many pointed out areas in which the clothing could be improved – specifically the fit of our Comfort Weave FR Utility Pant.

Listening to these comments, we redesigned our women’s FR pants. The hips and thighs have been relaxed to allow for greater freedom of movement, and the rise has been raised for a more modern fit and feel.

Upon delivery of these newly manufactured FR pants, the women at the mine site and offices were thrilled with the outcome of the design. More so, they were delighted we took the time to listen and incorporate their ideas.

Ultimately, our goal is to keep everyone safe and comfortable while at work. And the more we hear from you, the closer we come to achieving this goal. Hearing from you helps us create gear that really works, and that you’ll really enjoy wearing.

Our newly designed Women’s Comfort Weave FR Utility Pants are now available online.

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