MWG Introduces Online Ordering Solution for FR Clothing Programs

MWG’s online ordering platform is designed to streamline the purchasing process for individuals and provide enhanced management capabilities for managers and supervisors. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to sign-in using their unique username and password.

MWG manages the account creation for all new users and provides step-by-step ordering guides. Accounts are preloaded with buying rules, shipping information and associated manager(s).

Once signed-in, individuals have various options to place their orders. They can input a purchase order number, draw from a pre-set allotment, utilize a quota system, payroll deduction or enter a credit card number. This flexibility ensures organizations or individuals can choose the most suitable payment method for their program. Individuals can view product information, including full color images, technical specifications and sizing. Individuals can populate their shopping cart with sizes and quantities and enter payment information at checkout.

In addition, managers and supervisors are granted additional privileges on the platform. They can log in using their own credentials and place orders on behalf of the individuals they oversee. Managers and supervisors will also have the ability to edit employee information, adjust allotments and quotas, remove or add employees and adjust approving managers. This enables efficient management and ensures accurate information at all times.

Prior to an order being processed, it can receive a two-stage approval from management. When an order is placed, the direct supervisor or manager receives a notification via email to approve the new order. After the order has received the initial approval, it will then be sent to another manager to provide the final approval. Once the order has gone through the approval process, MWG will receive and process the order.

Furthermore, the platform empowers managers and supervisors with comprehensive reporting capabilities. By signing in, they can generate reports to gain insights into the order history of their location or cost center. The reports can be customized to filter data based on employee name, employee number, location, associated manager/supervisor, style number and more. This functionality enables effective tracking, analysis and monitoring of activities within the organization. Alternatively, MWG is able and willing to provide these reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, or as frequently as required.

Overall, this platform offers a user-friendly experience for placing orders and generating reports. It provides managers and supervisors the tools to manage their safety apparel program at a glance and generate detailed reports for efficient analysis of order history. With this platform, organizations can streamline their procurement process, enhance accountability, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

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