MWG RIPGUARD™ Exceeds Expectations

Our new flame-resistant (FR) RIPGUARD blend is incredibly safe and durable

ASTMF1930 specifies the standard process for measuring the predicted body burn while wearing a flame-resistant (FR) garment, based on a laboratory simulation. ASTMF1930, also known as the Manikin Test, requires and exposure to a three second flame. This is conducted three times, and the average of the tests must be 50 per cent or less for 2nd and 3rd degree body burn to pass NFPA2112. To pass NFPAF2733, the body burn must be 40 per cent or less for 2nd and 3rd degree body burn. The results of these tests allow experts to predict the severity and location of 2nd and 3rd degree body burns combined.

We recently conducted this test on our new MWG RIPGUARD™ fabric to gain a better understanding of just how safe it is. After already determining an exceptional ATPV of 8.2 cal/cm², we were very excited to find our MWG RIPGUARD™, which is used to make FR pants and FR outerwear, performed very well in the Manikin Test. The results showed a body burn of 17 per cent or less, including head and hands, which is a terrific score for such a lightweight and comfortable fabric.

It was an excellent result and we are very excited to move forward with our new blend of MWG RIPGUARD™. It will have a softer feel and be more comfortable next-to-skin, while maintaining the durability and safety our customers love. Stay tuned for more updates and new releases in MWG RIPGUARD™ coming soon!

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