Surviving the Chill: Cold-Weather FR Clothing Essentials

When temperatures take a nosedive, FR outerwear is essential for surviving the chill and maintaining your required protection against fire and electric arcs. Layering the right cold-weather FR clothing pieces that offer protection from the cold, wind, and snow makes it possible to stay warm and dry while remaining compliant at work. 

The key to surviving the chill at work is choosing to layer fire-resistant pieces that are appropriate for the cold conditions you’re facing. We’ll take a look at the benefits and best options among fire resistant outerwear, base layers, mid layers, and accessory options to help you stay warm in the most extreme cold temperatures.

Essential Fire Resistant Clothing

What is the best clothing for cold weather when you’re working in environments that require flame and arc resistance? Generally, lined or insulated FR outerwear in combination with a warm FR mid and base layer is sufficient for full protection in cold working conditions. 

When you layer FR pieces, you increase your overall ATPV protection rating in any place where your layers overlap! Your ideal flame resistant outerwear and base layer combo will depend on the temperatures and chilly conditions you’re dealing with. There are a range of fire-resistant clothing items you can mix and match to beat the cold at work:

  • Accessories: FR hats, gloves, liners, balaclavas, neck warmers, etc.
  • Base layer: FR t-shirts, long sleeves, underwear, long johns, etc.
  • Mid layer: FR long sleeves, henleys, button shirts, uniform shirts, etc.
  • Outer layer: FR hoodies, lined overalls, insulated coveralls, shells, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at each and how to layer them to keep warm at work.


Your head, face, neck, and hands need extra insulation and FR protection on the job so you can retain full dexterity and feeling, avoid frostbite, and protect yourself from fire, arcs, cuts, and sparks. Hats and head coverings, like our knit FR Toque (CAT 3, ATPV 38 cal) and TRANSMISSION™ FR Balaclava (CAT 2, ATPV 9 cal) are ideal for retaining warmth and prevent heat loss around your head when conditions are cold. 

Gloves are another important component of cold-weather FR accessories. MWG offers 4 tough glove options that feature water/oil-resistant OILBLOC coating or cut-resistant KEVLAR® lining to provide unbeatable warmth and protection for your hard-working hands.

Base Layer

Fire resistant base layers help retain warmth and prevent heat loss around your core. Wear base layer clothing like long sleeves, crewnecks, long johns, and thermal-regulating boxers under your mid and outerwear layers for the most complete FR and cold-weather protection. 

The MWG TRANSMISSION™ Men's FR Crewneck (CAT 2, ATPV 9 cal) offers superior cold-weather protection. This quick-dry winter-weight fabric is fire-resistant and wicks away moisture so you stay warm and dry under your mid and outer layers. Our FLEXSAFE™ Men's FR Long-Sleeve (CAT 1, ATPV 4.3 cal) is a lighter-weight alternative, offering comfy 4-way stretch that feels like leisure wear but has the flame-resistance and moisture-wicking properties you expect for a hard-working base layer. 

To increase your bottom half’s ATPV rating and double up on warmth, the MWG FLEXSAFE™ Men's FR Long John (CAT 1, ATPV 4.3 cal) is crafted with inherently flame-resistant, moisture-wicking fabric so they’ll never see you sweat.

Mid Layer

The middle layer, or mid layer, is just as important as your base and outer layer when you’re heading out into cold working conditions and need FR protection. The middle layer helps seal the warmth your base layer traps and provides another barrier between your outerwear and body.

MWG flame-resistant shirts for your mid layer are available in a range of styles, from button-down uniform shirts to high-visibility henleys and long-sleeved shirts. These mid layers offer an added barrier from the cold and combine with your base layer and outerwear ATPV ratings to increase your overall protection. 

The COMFORT WEAVE™ Men's FR Uniform Shirt (CAT 2, ATPV 9 cal) features chest pockets with thermal-regulating, moisture-wicking FR fabric. Reach for the COTTON COMFORT™ Men's FR Long-Sleeve (CAT 2, ATPV 18 cal) for high-visibility FR protection that comes pre-washed to prevent shrinking.

Outer Layer

Your flame resistant outerwear is the finishing piece of cold-weather workwear. Outerwear traps your body’s heat, keeps you insulated and warm, and prevents cold air, rain, or snow from penetrating to your core while offering superior flame and arc protection.

Overalls, coveralls, jackets, hoodies, and shells are all part of MWG’s extensive fire-resistant outerwear collections. Layer these items with MWG base layers, mid layers, and accessories to insulate yourself from head to toe. 

The MWG high-visibility STORMSHIELD™ line combines 100% waterproof protection with flame, arc, and tear protection that exceeds standards by up to 200%. The Men's FR Insulated Overall and Men's FR Insulated Coverall (both CAT 4, ATPV 49 cal) are the ultimate waterproof cold-weather outer layers.

Our RIPGUARD™ inherent FR line is made with the highest durability and toughness. Look for cold-weather essentials like the Men's FR Lined Overall (CAT 3, ATPV 30 cal). 

All MWG Apparel cold-weather gear (accessories, base layers, mid layers, and outerwear) prioritizes fit and meets or exceeds flame, arc, cut, and tear standards. We know your workwear has to be durable, comfortable, and designed to get the job done in chilly to sub-zero working conditions. That’s why we build the best gear possible to make your job easier when it’s cold out. 

From the warmest base layers to cozy snow- and rainproof outerwear that’s built to meet the specifications for your job and help you survive the chill, explore MWG Apparel's range of FR outerwear products to ensure you stay warm and protected while working.

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