The Best FR Clothing

When searching for PPE, and more specifically FR clothing, you might ask yourself what is the best FR clothing?

With many competitors in the space, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right brand. FR clothing can be a significant investment, and you don’t want to spare any quality - but you also don’t want to over pay. It can be a big decision to make with the safety of yourself, and possibly others, on the line.


Who’s the Best?

While we’re not going to make the claim that we’re the best FR clothing manufacturer, (even though we believe we are), we do want to share what makes us great and what you should consider before making an FR purchase from us - or another quality producer of flame-resistant and arc-rated apparel.


The Fit

First and foremost, a proper fit is essential to the performance of an FR garment. When an FR garment sits comfortably and covers all exposed areas, it can effectively do its job. When FR clothing is loose-fitting and uncomfortable, it leaves your body more exposed to potential hazards. If an FR garment is uncomfortable, you’re less likely to wear the item as designed - or at all - further increasing the chances of a workplace injury.

So before making any decisions on your FR clothing, consider the sizing of each item and the protocols in place for proper fittings. You always want your clothes to fit, but it’s even more important when wearing clothes designed to keep you safe. Before placing your order, look over our sizing guide on each product page to get a good idea of the dimensions. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our staff is comprised of sizing experts that have been in the apparel industry for decades. We can help you with any question you could have in regards to the fit, and can even help you with a custom size if necessary.


The Fabric

Decades of experience in FR clothing has given our design team a thorough understanding of the inner workings of FR garments. Studying the fibres and going through countless tests, we’ve learned how to create blends that will outperform and outlast traditional FR fabrics.

Following years of research, testing, and development, we’ve introduced more than 10 proprietary FR fabric blends – with more to come. These fabrics have been designed with the intention to be safer, more comfortable, higher performing, and more durable than anything on the market. And while we are extremely proud of the end results, we will not stop innovating with the intent to provide the best FR clothing you can find.

Our commitment to continued innovation in fabrics is done to meet our criteria with respect to safety, comfort, and durability. These three pillars are the focus behind every creation, especially in our unique fabric blends. Our sharp and continued focus keeps us in touch with the needs and expectations in the industry, allowing us to meet and exceed standards.


The Construction

Durability is crucial whenever you’re making a significant investment. Whether it be a home, a vehicle, or a pair of sneakers - you want to be assured it’ll last - and FR clothing is no exception. If you’re outfitting an entire crew with FR safety apparel, it can be quite expensive, and you probably don’t want to replace these items year after year.

This is why we’re so committed to extending the lifespan of each FR garment. We understand the initial investment in an FR clothing program can be overwhelming, but the long-term savings is a benefit that is not often considered. The durability of our products is evident when looking at the yearly expenditures of our program customers. Their expenses are halved every year following the initial investment, as they rarely feel the need to replace our FR clothing. The need to replace older items is nearly non-existent and tenured employees are often seen in same items they had begun their career wearing.

In addition to our durable fabrics, the construction of each FR item is executed with great care and attention to detail. Our long history and experience in workwear is used in each garment, where we look to build on our reputation of high-quality and durable clothing. We use triple needle stitching on our seams, we reinforce joints & stress points, we reinforce each pocket, and we use high-quality zippers & buttons to make sure each element of your garment endures the hard work you put it through.


The Look

We’ve all heard the saying “Look Good, Feel Good”. The worksite isn’t generally thought of as a place to showcase your best outfit, but there’s no reason why you can’t be the best dressed out there.

We take a great deal of pride in putting together a garment that looks great. With each design, our goal is to produce a piece that our customers really enjoy putting on. Our intention is for you to feel like you’re wearing the best FR clothing money can buy.




Here to Help!

It’s important to consider many factors when making an investment in FR safety apparel. We truly believe we have the best FR clothing and service in the industry, but we encourage you to make that decision for yourself. Be sure to do your research and arrive at a confident decision. Consider the points we’ve covered, and take a look at what others may have to offer. If you’re ever unsure and have some questions, please give us a call. We will do our very best to help you with your FR clothing needs.

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