The Future of Workwear: Integrating Stretch FR Fabrics for Ultimate Comfort and Protection

Comfortable FR clothing is the future of workwear, combining forgiving stretch capacity with durable flame-resistant fabric. The result? Ultimate comfort, durability, and protection in harsh work environments.

Flame-resistant workwear has evolved to meet the needs of workers who want a more flexible, comfortable fit with the same FR performance that’s required to do the job safely. Modern FR workwear gives you the performance you expect with a supple, stretchy fit that might surprise you.

Understanding Stretch FR Fabrics


Stretch flame-resistant fabric, or stretch FR fabric, is designed to resist arc-flash or flash-fire incidents by combining the durability of flame-resistant canvas with the stretch and comfort you’d expect from leisure wear.

Modern FR workwear is a step up from FR fabrics of the past by allowing a comfortable stretch capacity that allows ease of movement in FR workwear with 360-degree stretch.

Stacking the stiff FR fabric of the past against today’s high-performance FR stretch technology, today's stretch clothing offers protection that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

Benefits of Stretch FR Fabrics


Understanding what stretch FR fabric is, it’s easy to see why it's the premium choice for high-performance workwear protection.

But what are the key benefits of integrating these fabrics into workwear for enhanced comfort and protection?

Stretch FR fabric is selected for its enhanced durability, increased longevity, superior comfort and stretch, increased mobility, and reliable protection.

  • Durability: Durability is built into MWG inherent FR fabrics, which are woven with long-lasting durable stretch fabrics that resists flames for better protection in harsh working environments.
  • Longevity: Unlike FR-treated cotton, this material doesn’t lose performance and protection capability with washing or wear.
  • Comfort: Add stretch to the mix to see how comfortable FR clothing can be. MWG stretch FR clothing allows for enhanced mobility with 360-degree stretch that moves with you.
  • Protection: The performance and protection capacity of FR clothing is paramount. Our stretchy FR fabrics stand up to dangerous workplace incidents like arc-flash and flash-fires without flinching to keep you safe and protected.

Choosing the Right Stretch FR Workwear

Selecting the right workwear options with stretch flame-resistant technology starts with considering your needs and workplace conditions.

All MWG flame-resistant workwear has been tested and assigned universal ratings that indicate the level of FR protection offered. Our stretch FR lines (FLEXGUARD™, FLEXSAFE™, and EVOLUTION™) each offer a different level of protection.



The FLEXGUARD™ line features an ATPV rating of 8.5 with Category 2 arc-rated protection. These durable canvas workwear options are ASTM 1506 and NFPA 2112 compliant for a high level of flame-resistant performance that offers increased mobility and comfort through forgiving stretch.

This line offers lined and unlined utility pants for men and women with or without knee pads to suit your needs on the job.


The FLEXSAFE™ line is designed for base-layer protection under workwear with an ATPV rating of 4.3 and Category 1 arc-rated protection, combining flame protection with the stretch you’d expect from athletic apparel. This line offers lightweight base and underwear options and accessories for men and women that ensure you’re protected down to your base layer in the workplace.


The EVOLUTION™ line is moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft for the ultimate comfort with our highest level of protection and high visibility for safety in the workplace. With an ATPV rating of 11 and Category 2 arc-rated protection, this line is ASTM 1506 and NFPA 2112 compliant with a CSA high-vis safety rating of Z96.

The EVOLUTION™ line offers high-vis long sleeves (basic and henley styles) for men and women, t-shirts, and sun shades for neck protection.

To choose the right option for your needs, consider the ATPV, Hazard Risk Category, ASTM, and NFPA ratings for each line. Discover a range of comfortable Flexguard FR products by MWG Apparel for the perfect blend of comfort and protection at work! You can also build your workwear wardrobe from the base layer up with comfort and protection in mind with comfortable FR clothing from MWG Apparel.
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