Tips for Staying Dry and Safe While Working in the Rain

When it rains, it pours, and there’s no place that’s truer than on the job site. Staying dry and safe while working in the rain is essential to avoid injury, cold- and moisture-related health conditions, discomfort, and safety risks from the low-visibility conditions that rainy days can create.

But how do you stay dry while working in the rain? Wearing waterproof flame-resistant clothing, or FR rain gear, is the best option, but there are multiple ways to keep yourself nice and dry when you’re working in wet conditions and preparation is the key. Investing in durable, high-quality rain gear, wearing proper footwear with extra grip, choosing high-visibility clothing, and preparing with an extra change of clothes are all examples of ways you can outsmart the rain while on the job.

Tips For Staying Dry and Safe While Working in the Rain

You’ll never be stuck in soaked clothes at work when you keep the following pointers in mind. We’ll walk you through 4 tips to stay safe and dry when your job participation overlaps with precipitation.

Invest in Appropriate Rain Gear

How do construction workers work in the rain? What about electricians, firefighters, and oil and gas workers subjected to wet conditions outdoors? Wearing sturdy, high-quality FR rain gear that keeps water out is the key to staying dry. Look for 100% waterproof gear that exceeds industry standards, like the MWG STORMSHIELD™ line, in pieces like rain jackets and parkas, rain pants, and insulated overalls to keep water out.

Adding accessories, like ENDURA gloves, keeps your hands dry and warm with goat leather treated with OILBLOC™ tech. By investing in a few quality, long-lasting pieces, you’ll be able to keep your base layer dry and better regulate your body temperature in wet conditions.

Wear Non-Slip Footwear

Working in the rain increases the risk of injuring yourself by slipping and makes conditions like trench foot more likely, but wearing non-slip footwear can help you sidestep these issues and keep you sure-footed and dry. Non-slip footwear features a heavily textured rubber, synthetic rubber, or polyurethane sole for extra grip on slick floors and wet ground.

Pair your non-slip footwear with thick, padded socks for comfort and warmth in cold conditions or breathable socks with padding on the sole in warm conditions. If you’re working in the cold, consider heated socks or opt for slip-on or adhesive toe warmers.

Stay Highly Visible

Rainy conditions with dark, cloudy skies reduce visibility and make it harder to distinguish between objects and people around you. It makes it difficult for others to see you clearly while you’re working, especially in heavy downpours. High-visibility FR rain gear in fluorescent orange or yellow colors is the solution and can help others on and off the job see you 27% faster, making your work conditions safer.

MWG Hi-Vis rain gear is fluorescent orange with yellow and silver reflective tape for extra visibility in the rainiest conditions. Choose from quality pieces like the Hi-Vis Rain Jacket, Hi-Vis Rain Pant, or Hi-Vis Safety Vest to layer over your rain gear for better visibility.

Bring A Change of Clothing

It’s always wise to carry an extra change of clothing in case you’re caught in a sudden deluge or forget your rain gear and end up soaked. Keeping wet clothing on for extended periods can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and conditions like hypothermia, trench foot, and fungal infections. With extra clothes on hand, you’ll be able to change quickly and avoid these problems.

Bring along an extra FR baselayer top and bottom, like MWG FLEXSAFE™ Men's FR Long-Sleeve and FLEXSAFE™ Men's FR Long John, as a backup in case your clothing gets wet.

Find the Right Rain Gear for the Job

Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to staying dry and safe in the rain at work. We designed MWG STORMSHIELD™ to be our most durable, waterproof workwear clothing line with garments that exceed waterproof, arc flash, and tear strength standards by 200-400%. It’s not enough to keep the rain out -- you need sturdy, flame-resistant rain gear that holds up to the task and protects you from a range of work-related dangers.

Browse MWG Apparel’s vast selection of top-of-the-line workwear pieces. From FR gloves to durable hi-vis pants, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.
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