Tougher Than a Two Dollar Steak

What makes MWG FR Clothing is so Tough

We focus a lot on the durability of our FR clothing. Durability is crucial to flame-resistant and arc-rated safety apparel, as body coverage is what keeps you protected while on the job. Exposures, due to holes or tears in the seams, leaves your skin unprotected, putting you at risk of serious injury. Keeping our customers safe in our number one priority, and manufacturing a durable, well-crafted product is the first step in doing so.

The construction of our men's and women's FR clothing is completed in accordance with strictest standards. All of our FR fabrics have undergone lengthy tests that cover everything from arc-flash, flash fire, color fastness, waterproofness, and tear strength. We've worked extremely hard to develop these fabrics, with the goal to provide the highest-performing and longest-lasting FR clothing on the market.

The durability of our proprietary FR fabrics is a source of great pride. Our proprietary FR fabrics have been rigorously tested to ensure our customers are being provided FR clothing they can trust for years to come. Durability is crucial to performance, but it's also important for people's wallets. FR clothing is more expensive than your typical casual wear, as the fabrics are highly technical and costly to produce. The longer each piece lasts, the less of a burden it is on customers who are required to wear FR clothing at work everyday.

In addition to using fabrics that are developed with durability in mind, each garment is crafted to work as hard as you do.

Our FR Clothing is built with triple needle stitching, reinforced stress points, thick belt loops, and rugged trims to ensure every detail is as durable as the next. Our attention to detail is what separates us from the rest, as you'll never find a piece of MWG FR Clothing with a split seam or a broken belt loop. The only thing you'll need to worry about is trying to keep it clean and looking fresh after ten years of use.

The Evidence

While it's easy to make all of these claims, you may be thinking we're full of shit. Well, we came with proof. The video attached shows a coverall that's been worked hard in for eight years. And when we say worked hard in, we don't mean mowing the lawn or putting a couple screws in the wall. This coverall has been worn in the field for eight years, dealing with everything that could be thrown its way. As seen below, there are some significant stains from gas and chemicals - but otherwise - the coverall looks like new. The fabric has no signs of wear, the seams are in tact, the reflective tape has remained in place, and the velcro and zippers are still in perfect condition. It looks like this coverall could go for another eight years - and maybe more!

So while the initial investment in high-quality, Canadian-made FR clothing may seem significant, it's important to understand the long-term benefits of doing so. Not only will you save money, but it'll also keep you safe and comfortable for years longer than anything else like it.


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