What's the difference?

Inherent vs. Treated FR Clothing

What’s the difference?


Flame-resistant (FR) fabrics are designed to resist ignition. If they do burn, it will be a slow burn rather than a quick-spreading and encompassing flame. After the heat source is removed, FR clothing will self-extinguish keeping the affected area as small as possible.


This is why FR clothing is so important when working in certain areas. When there is potential for flash fire, on worksites related to oil & gas, electrical generation & transmission, mining, firefighting, welding, and many more, FR clothing can be the difference between life and death. It is vital for workers to be wearing the appropriate kit on the job, whether it be an MWG FR Pro product or another quality manufacturer.


Finding the right product is an important step before going forward with a purchase. FR clothing can be a significant investment, especially if you’re looking to outfit an entire crew.


Inherent FR Clothing


Historically, workers have preferred inherent FR clothing because of the performance and durability of the fabrics.


Our inherent FR clothing is of the highest quality. We have made large investments in the fabrics, design, and research & development of each and every product. Our fabrics have been developed in-house and tested for guaranteed and lasting performance. The internal structure of each fabric is non-flammable, making the flame-resistant trait a permanent solution. Our proprietary inherent FR fabrics, which include our BLOCKER FLEECE, RIPGUARD, COMFORT WEAVE, TRANSMISSION, and more, feature properties that are naturally FR that can never be worn away or washed out.


Treated FR Clothing


Another option for protection on the job is our line of treated FR clothing, COTTON COMFORT™.


Treated FR clothing is created by applying a flame-resistant finish to a fabric or by adding a treatment to the fibers of the fabric before they are knitted or woven. The treatment is bonded with the fibers, making it a challenge to remove the FR finish through normal washing and wear. Treated FR fabrics do not hold their flame-resistant properties permanently, but recent advancements have helped lengthen their lifespan and increase their performance. Our COTTON COMFORT™ is a great option for anyone who loves the feel, flexibility, and weight of cotton garments. Additionally, our COTTON COMFORT™ products are a more affordable option compared to our inherent FR products, due to the lower cost of the fabric needed to construct the garment.


Our Guarantee


Whether you choose to go with an inherent FR garment or treated FR clothing, you can feel comfort in knowing that every piece has been designed and tested for guaranteed performance and protection. All of our FR clothing is designed for performance and durability, no matter the fabric. We take great pride in all of our FR products, and want you to feel safe and comfortable in our clothing.

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