Manufacturing, Customization and Branding

At MWG, we manufacture our PPE clothing to a military specification and ensure that all of the fabrics, components and design specifications meet or exceed that required by the current PPE standards.  We are unique in our ability to transfer the expertise gained by manufacturing military garments to our protective clothing lines in order to create superior garments for our end users.

Our in-house design team will meet with the client to assess their clothing requirements and mutually develop a unique FR clothing program that functions effectively for the required end use and meets the multiple safety standards.
There may be a need for specialized pockets for unique equipment, Nomex® mesh tester / radio pockets, double knees, mic loops and longer zippers. Additionally, we manufacture directly in Winnipeg and are able to perform running changes if required.
Corporate identity may consist of a company logo which MWG has the ability to design, embroider or heat apply to garments in-house. A prominent, consistent and accurately displayed logo can be applied and still be in compliance with the safety and hi-visibility standards.