4 Key Reasons for Employers to Supply Work Wear

A growing number of employers are choosing to provide their employees with workwear that’s designed to keep them safe, comfortable, and meet required personal protective equipment (PPE) standards.

Are employers required to provide FR clothing? Not always. But when your employees are in tough working environments where flame resistance is important, leaving them to find and purchase their own work wear can lead to potential issues with poor clothing quality, substandard flame resistance, and cost burdens on employees who may struggle to purchase the right gear for the job.

Employer-provided workwear is an instant solution to all of these problems. Let’s take a look at the reasons for employers to supply workwear for employees and how this simple policy change can benefit the company overall.

Benefits of Supplying Your Employees' Workwear

Employer-provided workwear offers several clear and concrete advantages for the entire company, from workers to executives. So what are the benefits of protective workwear that you provide for your employees? Let’s take a look.

  1. Professionalism & Branding
  2. Employee Benefits
  3. Enhanced Security
  4. Safety & Quality Control

1. Professionalism & Branding

Employer-provided workwear presents an excellent opportunity for branding with your logo or company name. It’s also a prime way to create an atmosphere of professionalism at the workplace and when employees interface with customers.

Instead of employees wearing a mashup of FR workwear brands, colors, and styles, it’s easy to appreciate the professional and cohesive appearance of a workforce dressed in branded FR clothing or industrial fire-resistant uniforms that proudly display your logo. Supplying workwear for employees promotes consistency in employee dress, makes it easy to identify different roles within the workforce, and creates an opportunity to promote your brand when employees interact with clients and customers.

2. Employee Benefits

When employees have to find and purchase their own FR workwear, it places quite a burden on them. They’re tasked with researching FR workwear companies, finding the correct items and styles for the job, and footing the bill. This issue can be solved by making employer-provided workwear part of your policy.

While individuals have no choice but to pay retail for these items from specialty stores, you’ll be able to purchase from FR workwear suppliers at a discounted price and choose to pass those savings on to your workers or supply the workwear at no cost to them. Employees appreciate it when employers are able to lift the burden of researching, finding, and buying workwear that meets the proper standards to stay safe on the job.

3. Enhanced Security

Workplace security should be top of mind for executives, management, and workers at all times. If employees provide their own workwear, there’s a lack of uniformity in the colors, styles, brands, or standards of the items they choose and wear. This makes it alarmingly easy for unauthorized individuals to make their way into restricted areas and compromises workplace security.

If you work with an FR clothing supplier to provide workwear for your team, you can avoid this security risk altogether and easily identify unauthorized individuals.

4. Safety & Quality Control

Leaving employees to provide their own PPE and workwear can lead to inconsistent quality and safety standards in the workplace, putting workers and the company at risk. There’s no guarantee that employees will do the required research or choose a trusted FR clothing supplier to purchase their workwear.

The best way to ensure employee clothing meets the required PPE standards is by working with FR apparel suppliers to provide workwear items that are consistent and reliably meet industry safety standards.

MWG Apparel Workwear & Corporate Program

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