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Inherent vs. Treated FR Clothing What’s the difference?   Flame-resistant (FR) fabrics are designed to resist ignition. If they do burn, it will be a slow burn rather than a quick-spreading and encompassing flame. After the heat source is removed, FR clothing will self-extinguish keeping the affected area as small as possible.   This is why FR clothing is so important when working in certain areas. When there is potential for flash fire, on worksites related to oil & gas, electrical generation & transmission, mining, firefighting, welding, and many more, FR clothing can be the difference between life and death....

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When searching for PPE, and more specifically FR clothing, you might ask yourself what is the best FR clothing?

With many competitors in the space, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right brand. FR clothing can be a significant investment, and you don’t want to spare any quality - but you also don’t want to over pay. It can be a big decision to make with the safety of yourself, and possibly others, on the line.

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